I hazard that up until the mines got involved

Jim Wells/PostmediaThe bombshell came just as NewLeaf Cannabis, which operates the most licensed shops in Alberta, this week opened eight stores, including four in Calgary.Angus Taylor, one of the original founders of NewLeaf, said the situation is devastating to those who followed the rules and invested significant money and resources into their businesses on the belief there would be ample supply of the drug, which was legalized by the federal government Oct. 17.»This is going to impact every cannabis retailer. We have 14 licensed stores but our plan was to open 25, and now we don’t know when any of those licences will be issued,» he said, noting he expects there will be enough supply for the new stores that launched, but as product is sold it’s unclear what they’ll be able to keep on the shelves.»We’re definitely concerned.

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